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About us

What is GreenNoise?

We are a movement with a mission far greater than any company or individual... Our project is not just another attempt, it symbolizes the hope and enthusiasm of an entire generation summed up in three words; Who dares wins!

Bring the power of the RainForest to your daily life. GreenNoise lets you connect your inner self with the holistic voice of Planet Earth. Use this powerful gateway through the many apps and projects we are constantly developing. Its time for humans to shut up… and listen!

In an attempt to save the RainForest... This is GreenNoise, the voice of nature.

GreenNoise Costa Rica

"to save it, you have to know it... you have to live it"

A year's journey crossing more than 10.000 kms of the most magical, and breathtaking forests of Costa Rica. GreenNoise Costa Rica was our first experiment. The sum of many ideas in one platform. Our jumping off point and basis for all that we have managed to do so far. Nine of the most amazing places in Costa Rica documented with their respective characteristics, plus photos and audio. For the first time a web platform, and an application for your phone (or tablet) created so you may enjoy sensorial journey through Costa Rica.

Tune in... Sleep, unwind, awaken or simply listen... This is the true sound of nature, as it has been for thousands of years.

From the Jungle to the Big City

In October of 2012 we met one of our greatest challenges. We packed our bags and travelled to Brooklyn, NY, the birthplace of street art and hip-hop. In the midst of historic hurricane Sandy, which caused a 1 week blackout and widespread devastation and destruction throughout most of the Northeastern Seaboard and Tri-state area, and following the first snowfall of the year in NY, we painted one of the best murals that Bushwick has ever seen! An unpainted wall measuring 130 feet long x 30 feet high came to life and turned into a Costa Rican rainforest. Today, Rafa the Jaguar watches over the good people of Bushwick, Brooklyn.

Wildcats of Costa Rica

There are 37 species of wild felines in the world. 12 have been registered in the Americas and 6 in Costa Rica. ALL OF THEM ARE IN DANGER OF EXTINCTION.

Know about them and learn how to save them... This is GNJaguar
GNJaguar is the first of many projects by GreenNoise with a vision of combining technology and design to develop content rich and educational-informative tools.

The innovative development of GNJaguar gathered different entities and non-profit organizations dedicated to the wild feline conservation, creating hope and making their voices now stronger than ever.

*Thanks to the launch of GNJaguar the government of Costa Rica declared the 4th of July national wild feline day honoring the importance of conserving these majestic and mysterious animals.

Sea Turtles of Costa Rica

Designed to EDUCATE, built to INFORM and developed to create AWARENESS

GNTortuga is the new upcoming module of GreenNoise devoted to the conservation of the 4 species of marine turtles that inhabit the coasts of Costa Rica, and committed to the survival of these ancient animals.

Sequel to the series of guides on endangered animals. GNTortuga teaches you about the 4 species of sea turtles common in Costa Rica. This module is complemented by a consumer guide. We believe that the food habit is one of the biggest factors in the extinction of these species. Enjoy photos, audio and videos of these prehistoric creatures, plus learn how you can help.

Teleport yourself to Costa Rica's National Parks

First stop: Carara National Park!
Tune in as we create a virtual tour through Costa Rica's National Parks.

Sharks of Costa Rica.

Learn about the most common species of sharks that swim along the coasts of Costa Rica. Enjoy pictures, real audio and video of these magestic creatures, plus learn of different ways to prevent their extinction.



Nature's reality, GreenNoise Perspective

The purpose being the recording of events that occurred; seen from the perspective of the chronicler.


Nature inspired designs, meant to change the world.

Trendy & smart, limited edition gadgets meant for those who understand the power of one.
Empower uniqueness + help the rainforest + be part of the change.


GreenNoise's inner eye

Natural perception beyond ordinary sight.


Streaming GreenNoise Worldwide

Listen to the magical voice of GreenNoise.

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